Honey Versus Vinegar

For me acts of kindness embody the meaning of reciprocity. I work with people on the phone to make a living. I try to be respectful and kind on each encounter regardless of whether the person on the other end of the phone is nasty or nice. A few weeks ago a lady called to apologize for not making her bill payment for two months and was ready to pay the minimum payment on her bill. I realized that her bill was made up of late fees and advised her that I would waive the fees for her. As she thanked me her voice broke and she said I had no idea what a burden I had just lifted from her. He husband had taken ill suddenly and subsequently died and she had very little money which was why her payment was late. I offered my condolences advised her that not only had the fees been removed but the late notification on her credit report would also be removed. She was very grateful. I thanked her for her business and wished her well. I could feel her gratitude. The fact that my little act of kindness made a big impact on her situation led me to a place of gratitude and I was thankful for my many blessings. Being kind really doesn’t take much and it feeds the souls of the recipient and the giver.


3 thoughts on “Honey Versus Vinegar

  1. keisha Livermore

    Now this is a chain story I wouldn’t mind forwarding. I too was moved by your simple act of kindness. This piece has made me take a moment to appreciate my many blessings.

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  2. Doletta

    I love this and am a fan of the idea of random acts of kindness. I truly believe in the gifts of the universe that recycle to you in these acts by brightening your own day as you care for someone else’s load. Hoping they pay it forward.

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