Egomaniacs: Women are more egotistical than men.

According to Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality the id is one’s natural instinct which seeks instant gratification. Reality and society deems that kind of barbaric so as we evolve we learn to curb these impulses and present/express them in a manner that is acceptable in the real world.
The oxford dictionary defines ego as “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance” therefore an egomaniac is a person with an over-inflated sense of his/her value or self-importance. In our society we are quick to label strong confident men as egomaniacs, and some of them are, as is evidenced by their behavior. However I am of the opinion that more women suffer from this psychological condition than men. I know my ladies are going to balk at this concept but lend me your ear for a few minutes. Let me offer a few simplistic examples to back up my opinion.
• Most women refuse to go on a date without adequate notice i.e. several hours or days. Why? Because their hair and nails have to be done. They have to find the perfect outfit and accessories regardless of how many are already in their closets. The reason they give is I have to feel comfortable or I won’t have a good time (most of the time the heels are too high and cause pain and the clothing defy any meaning of comfort). The real reason, I have to be on point because everyone will be checking me out.
• More women than men will date and marry someone who is wrong for them because they are gorgeous and their sex is so good that person will change who they are to please them. Reality check, you cannot change anyone but yourself.
• More women than men post selfies on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Go have a look.
• Most women think they are smarter than men (well we are) but even the really clueless ones are of that opinion.
• Most women share their accomplishments on social media (go check your Facebook page and twitter feed).
• Accomplished women think they are single because men are intimidated by their success. They are so beautiful and fabulous, they earn 6 figure or more salaries, own their own home, fabulous car, go on fancy vacations and consider themselves alpha-females. Consider this, if women are naturally smarter than men and you are an alpha-female where can you find a man that can be the ying to your yang? Well duh he doesn’t exist so of course you are single. This is utter rubbish you are single because you are too egotistical.
• I can think of many more examples but my final one will be the enchanted fairytale wedding that will cost more than you both earn in a year or maybe even two or three. The groom would be very happy to run down to city hall and have a nice family dinner afterwards but he would never dare verbalize that. Instead he will spend countless hours to figure out ways of paying for that ego booster for his beloved; after all it is her day to shine as the belle of her own ball. Is all that razzle dazzle to make her day really special? Nope!!! It is to outshine the wedding of all her married friends and to show the single ones that she is more special than all of them, after all she has her prince charming and will be living happily ever after.
Ok I admit it I can see myself in a few of these examples so I will say it here. My name is Margaret Livermore and I am an egomaniac.


7 thoughts on “Egomaniacs: Women are more egotistical than men.

  1. keisha Livermore

    Love this one although I “harrumphed ” a few times at the beginning. …egomaniacs huh? Maybe we should start a support group 😉 !

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  2. Liz

    ‘…more women than men will date and marry someone who is wrong for them because they are gorgeous and their sex is so good that person will change who they are to please them….’
    Had to smile at that one though I haven’t married one of those yet but the things we put up with because of it…smh

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  3. theangrybeaver111

    men are def more egotistical. we live in a society that is male dominated. (read: ego dominated) men are inherently more ego driven than women. men are driven to conquer and dominate all other creatures with their will and their physicality. most men are not connected to their emotions, or their feminine side. our leaders and politicians who are all mostly male, lie to themselves and tell themselves it’s ok to destroy and exploit all other living things in the name of profit and power and status. our entire planet has had havoc wreaked on it, to the point of almost total annihilation, all this was done by mostly all men. now please, tell me how much more egotistical women are. women just play the game that men created. women are constantly having to adapt to live in a man’s world. one of the biggest adaptations she has made is adopting the egotistical mindset. women were never naturally this way. we are now a product of this diseased culture of capitalism that we’ve created. it’s cancer.



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